The kennel

The kennel Gizmo´s has been active for over 20 years. It started out with breeding of both New Foundland dogs and Bichon Frisés. The kennel Gizmo´s is located in Härnösand in Sweden along with kennel Virgins ( breeder of miniature schnauzer p/s, s/s ).
The kennel Gizmo´s has over the years bred both New Foundland and Bichon Frisé champions in many different countries. Many of the kennels offspring today forms the foundation within other breeders. One of the kennel Gizmo's strength and success in the art of breeding is the co-operation with other breeders and ongoing educational training within the breeding and development of a healthy and happy dog.
The kennel Gizmo´s has exported many puppies to all nordic countries and several other countries in europe. Dog shows is an important part of the quality in the art of breeding a social, beautiful and healthy dog and before any of our dogs are used in breeding, they are eye and knee examined.
To breed a healthy and happy dog should be the most important thing for any breeder, and the kennel Gizmo´s is no exception for this. We love our dogs like life it self and treat all of our dogs as familymembers. Who can look into the eyes of a Bichon Frisé and deny the love they feel in their hearts?
/Jan Sandström
Telephone:+ 0046 611 602 67
Cellphone:+0046 70 681 66 51 
Adress: Viktoriagatan 71, 871 41 Härnösand, SWEDEN